40876944621 f26483fb98 - zeilmakers-bank-1k by Willeke_igkt

zeilmakers-bank-1k by Willeke_igkt

40876944621 f26483fb98 - zeilmakers-bank-1k by Willeke_igkt
The details on the sail makers bench.
Its length is 2 meter, its height about 0.4 meter, its width 0.26 meter. The box at the end is 0.3 meter (height) by 0.26 meter (width of the bench) by 0.27 meter and sits 0.07 meter from the end of the bench. The hole into the box (top access only) is just over 0.1 meter diameter, a bit worn so not exactly round anymore. At the end with the box there are a few small ‘bars’, 20 by 20 mm and about 0.25 meter long across the bench and 0.32 meter long, with ends smoothed down not to leave a sharp edge. These look like they might have been a later addition to the bench. The tool holes (within the protection of the extra bar) are 20, 25 and 25 mm diameter, and in the part sticking out besides the box. And that bit sticking out has an extra bit of wood added, looking newer. The rest of the wood is all the same and all as worn (but in a way that tells of years of work, not of mismanagement.)
The bench used to belong to a sail maker in IJmuiden Dirk Plug, the last of the old breed in his business and when he retired (due to age, not just at reaching 65 years) he gave the bench to friends to save if from ending up in the stove.
They used it for years in teaching sea scouts as well as adults who wanted to learn sail making. When the scout group stopped with the courses, they took the bench home and stored it for years.
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