27322899324 71cd83293d b - Models 3 "ideal houses" for Dharavi by urbzoo

Models 3 “ideal houses” for Dharavi by urbzoo

27322899324 71cd83293d b - Models 3 "ideal houses" for Dharavi by urbzoo
urbz invited local builders from Dharavi, Mumbai with a vast experience in construction, to design the best possible house they could imagine. Their brief was to design a “tool-house”, a structure that both accommodates living and working activities, that would fit on a typical footprint of 3.5 x 4.5 m (10 x 15 ft).

In a context where houses are made without plans and drawings, the project aimed at highlighting the language of architecture that exists in the work of builders with no formal architectural or engineering training.

The builders worked with artisans from Dharavi to produce the model, and sometimes modified their designs in the process. These models built in wood, steel and plastic aim at making legible and legitimate local practices of construction that service millions of people in Mumbai and throughout the world.

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