11154569806 a2fd9e3389 b - Ancient Tools, Modern Dilemma by Searoom SF

Ancient Tools, Modern Dilemma by Searoom SF

11154569806 a2fd9e3389 b - Ancient Tools, Modern Dilemma by Searoom SF
Our house, built in 1938 has half inch thick window stop moldings. I’m restoring the double hung wooden windows and when I took one of the stops off to get the window out it broke at the bottom where it had cracked upon installing. (So the carpenter simply put FOURTEEN TINY NAILS in the bottom 12 inches to repair the crack and painted over it all!) So, when I calmed down from that discovery I went to the three lumber sources in town and online to a molding specialist company and found that NO-ONE makes half inch window stops it’s ALL 7/16ths inch thick now! So after a week of agonizing over how I’m going to make this 52 inch long piece of molding to match all the rest of the molding in the house, trying to find the proper router bits, set up a jig to hold the wood in place, I opened a drawer looking for something and find all the old antique molding planes I’d collected over the years. And guess what. There’s a wooden cove plane the exact size I need. One day’s work, shop floor covered in shavings and here’s the result!!!
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