3747759750 6698ec0385 b - A Weekend Project by Let Ideas Compete

A Weekend Project by Let Ideas Compete

3747759750 6698ec0385 b - A Weekend Project by Let Ideas Compete
On the island of Harö in the Stockholm archipelago. This is a cropped and enhanced version of http://bit.ly/2qMFgx0….

The big ferry from Stockholm brings supplies (in this case, lumber) to the residents, dropping them off at the dock, then the residents pick up the cargo from the dock, called brygga.

This is what Wikipedia says about the Stockholm Archipelago:
The archipelago extends from Stockholm roughly 60 kilometers to the east. In a north-south direction, it mainly follows the coastline of the provinces Södermanland and Uppland, reaching roughly from Öja island, south of Nynäshamn to Väddö north of Norrtälje. It is separated from Åland by a stretch of water named South Kvarken. A separate group of islands lies further north, near the town of Öregrund. There are approximately 30,000 islands and islets.[1] Some of its more well known islands are Dalarö, Finnhamn, Grinda, Husarö, Ingarö, Isö, Ljusterö, Möja, Nämdö, Rödlöga, Tynningö, Utö, Svartsö and Värmdö.

The biggest towns of the archipelago, apart from Stockholm, are Gustavsberg and Vaxholm. The village of Ytterby, famous among chemists for naming no fewer than four chemical elements (erbium, terbium, ytterbium and yttrium), is situated on Resarö in the Stockholm Archipelago.

The shipping routes from the Baltic to Stockholm pass through the archipelago. There are three main entrances suitable for deep-draught craft, namely, those near Landsort, Sandhamn, and Söderarm.

Cruising between the small islands through the Stockholm Archipelago to either Åland or Helsinki in Finland is an experience. Weather allowing, the experience can be enhanced by enjoying a spectacular sunset from the deck that during summer months lasts until 10:30 – 11:00 o’clock at night.

When I lived in Stockholm I created a blog. Please visit it for more insights. It’s called D &J’s Marvelous Sweden Adventure.

Good information on the archipelago is here.
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